Sunday, 8 July 2007

My Magical Forest

My magical forest is not far away. Take my hand and I will lead you to my secret place. Don’t be afraid. Trust me.

Look, there it is! So green, so tiny, so soft are the leaves. Touch, but be gentle. Feel the delicateness of the flowers. Smell the sweet odour that lingers in the air.

The butterflies sprinkle morning dew on our heads and we start to get smaller. Can you feel it? It’s nothing to be afraid of, trust me. It’s nice to be little, no fear of crushing ants and spiders under your feet in the grass.

I want to show you my magical forest, my own private world.

I trust you.


You can see more photos of my magical forest here.


hpy said...

I thought you didn't shoot flowers!

SusuPetal said...

So did I! I believe the magical forest put a spell on me!!
Somehow I found shooting flowers and other tiny things inspirating. That's weird, but I try to cope:)

(but don't worry, HPY, I took plenty of pictures about the sky and the trees and other heights in view!)

Mick said...

When I looked at the BIG picture the flowers looked just like bunches of ripe bananas! I went to look at the other photos too and especially liked the dragonfly in the spider web. There's nothing like a little drama, yes? I need to get out into the field next my place and get right down on my stomach to shoot some "belly flowers". Maybe over the weekend. :)

SusuPetal said...

Have a nice belly weekend, Mick:))
Yes, tiny things look diffrent when you look at them very close and closely.