Monday, 11 March 2013

It Is March

photo manipulations from the exhibition

It is March. But where is spring? It has been -15 degrees Celsius in the mornings (5 degrees in F), we’ve had almost every day a little snow. It feels like mid-winter. 

How I have been longing for light and sun! And finally, when the sun came, my head and eyes yelled: NO! TOO MUCH LIGHT! I’ve had migraine. Never, never before. It’s unfair. As you know, my head is all the time a mess enough and now this damn headache! 

The exhibition with Johanna is over. I didn’t sell much, so my home is overwhelmed with paintings and photos. I have my work under my bed, in the closets, under the sofa, on the walls, on the shelfs of my bookcases. In a way it is cozy. And looks like a mess.
Goes with my head.

I haven’t been doing any crocheting for a few weeks. Fingers of my left hand are numb, my hand seems to sleep all the time. Luckily I’m right-handed, so I can still paint. 

More paintings to hide somewhere….

paintings from the exhibition