Friday, 31 August 2007


The weekly theme for IF is Alphabets

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Pages and Press

The weekly theme for Thursday Challenge is Yellow. I had two ideas and couldn't decide which one to choose, so I compromised -they are both here.

Monday, 27 August 2007


The weekly theme for Moody Monday is Immature

Sunday, 26 August 2007

In My Life

I’ve been a lazy writer for the past few days (and that is plenty for me). Instead of words I’ve played with pictures and I’ve found new levels in myself. I’ve found new visions, new ideas, new ways to express myself, and the tool has been pictures. The variety of possibilities to make a picture has somehow enthralled me and I’d like to work my way through colours, surfaces and collages all day long.

But a girl has to work for living, and although I’m surely not a girl anymore, I still have to eat. No starvation bourns art is my opinion.

A great source of my newly found inspiration is due to Mick Mather, whose work has opened a totally new world for me. His works have broadened my mind and made me explore my own work more and deeper. On the whole, my fellow bloggers are a never-ending well of inspiration, and it’s difficult to imagine a more suitable way to come in contact with people around the world, get to know their work and change ideas and comments along the way.

I’m glad of the pleasure we give to each other, happy of the inspiration I’ve found in the Net.


I’ve put some new and some old photos on my website’s gallery.


Do you want to see your dreams in pictures? Visit Dreamlines and type a word in the box. Try your own name and look what you are dreaming of!

Friday, 24 August 2007


They come uninvited
and fill the silence of the mind.
They invade the body
and there’s no place to hide.


The weekly theme of Illustration Friday is Visitors

Thursday, 23 August 2007


The sizzling streets of the city blend with the blazing sun, the walls of the houses melt into golden air and suddenly there’s nothing more than the light. No shadows, no breeze to be caught, only the simmering heat that makes blood burn.


The weekly theme for Thursday Challenge is Hot.

The same theme is to be found in the post below.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Oh, baby, the pot's hot!

Oh, some big fish tonight, when I went to listen to Taj Mahal. Man, it was cooking! The thunderstorm that invaded the city earlier this day left the air thick with humidity. We swam in perspiration listening to the blues and oh, baby, the pot was hot.

Great evening, great performer, a truly great musician.

Helsinki Festival

Monday, 20 August 2007


I know what I want
I know what I can
I know who I am

The weekly challenge for Moody Monday is mature.

The photo of the head of the Egyptian woman Pharaoh Hatshepsut (taken on the left bank of the Nile in February) and a touch of typogenerator melted into a collage.

Saturday, 18 August 2007

Thursday, 16 August 2007


The weekly challenge for Thursday Challenge is young.

These young ones and the youngs at heart waited for the moviestars of the Harry Potter-movie in July 2007 in Helsinki.

Monday, 13 August 2007

In the Window

-What are you doing?
-Nothing. Looking out.

-Why? What do you see out there?
-Nothing. He isn’t coming.

-He’s still at work.
-Or maybe he’s with that other woman.

-Why do you think so?
-I know.

-How do you know?
-He looks at me that way. He looks through me.

-Through you?
-As if I didn’t exist. He doesn’t see me. He doesn’t want me.

-Are you sure?
-Yes. He doesn’t want me. He hasn’t touched me since…

-Since he met…that other. He doesn’t love me anymore.

-Doesn’t love you?
-No. I see it every time I look at him. He wishes me to be that other one. But I’m not.

-No, you’re not.
-I’m just me and it is me he doesn’t love anymore.

-Have you spoken to him?
-No, he isn’t here. Ever.

-But he is. Every day.
-His mind isn’t here, his body stays here, but his thoughts are elsewhere. He’s already gone.

-You should talk to him.
-I can’t. I disgust him. He doesn’t even want to touch me.

-Come here and I’ll touch you.
-You’re not real.

Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Skill

It requires skill to make a puzzle. To make a clear image out of pieces. To have patience and persistence. To know where you are heading to.
Making something whole and complete. To find the joy when the impossible turns into the possible and all the pieces are being located. To mend the broken pieces.

The skill of living is much like making puzzles. It demands a lot, but you have no choice, you have to complete it.
And find the joy. Otherwise your puzzle won’t be finished.


The weekly challenge for Thursday Challenge is Skill

Monday, 6 August 2007

The Realization

This summer has been marvellous. The weather could have been better, I must say, it hasn’t been as sunny as I’ve hoped for, but still, I haven’t worn socks for three months. That is something worth mentioning when living in Finland.
It is warm now, almost +25 degrees, so maybe the summer still continues for a while.

The marvel of this summer is due to the many things I’ve been doing. The usual laziness has been my main aim, but besides that I’ve written a lot and what is more exciting, I’ve been doing a lot of pictures with different methods and that is something new in me.

For first of all, I consider myself a writer, not a picture maker. Words have always been my tools to express myself, words come as natural as breathing or sleeping (when I don’t suffer from insomnia…). Words are I.

I’ve always admired artists who express themselves with skills I don’t possess. Painters, photographers, sculptors, singers, dancers, actors. Yes, it’s easy to envy them, but envy doesn’t get you very far, in fact it limits your perspective, it kills your own creativity, it’s a doomed way to bitterness.

When I realised that only doing is the way to make something, I surprisingly found things in me, I didn’t know I possessed. I found the joy of doing new things, and thus, the boundaries vanished. I had no excuse not to try new things, and excuses are ones enemy number one.

I can’t. I shouldn’t. It’s too difficult. What do I think of myself, it’s impossible.

Well, not everything is possible I must admit it. I won’t be a great singer, I believe I shall not chop a great statue with my hammer; I’m surely not to be a dancer in chorus line, but who has to be everything?

That is the relieving realization that has made this summer a good one. I don’t have to, but if I want to, I am able to(and I hope this goes with my ability in learning Swedish, too…)

I hope to drag along this realization with me when I head towards the darkness. I fear for autumn and winter.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Big Baby Doll

you made me your doll
your big baby doll
you dressed me up
decorated me with pearls, jewels
and furs

you tore my dress
and made me your toy
your big baby doll
someone you liked to play with
just a game for you

see no evil, speak no evil, talk no evil
that’s me
your precious little toy


The weekly theme for Thursday Challenge is Toys

Friday, 3 August 2007


The theme for this week's Illustration Friday is Missing

Thursday, 2 August 2007


The weekly theme for Moody Monday is Lonely.