Saturday, 24 July 2010

Nail Jewellery

Been painting my nails today.
Snails, lizards and puppy dog tails.
Purple, green and black as sin.
The nails kept dancing, dancing in the wind.

Friday, 16 July 2010


The heat wave is tender on the skin. I enjoy summer. The sun lightens a little the darkness inside me.

I’ve found my hands this year. Before, I used my hands to write and draw with computer, but at the beginning of the year I started to paint and crochet. I painted and painted and I still do. I’ve made so many pictures that I could fill a medium sized gallery with my work.

I’ve crocheted hats and scarfs and gloves and everything, made hair bands and wreaths. When it became too warm to have wool and cotton in my lap, I started to make bracelets. I use wooden pearls, in bright colors, also black and white. Glass pearls in shade of turqoise sea.
Colors are good therapy.

Like my hats, hair bands and wreaths, my bracelets are now for sale at Harakan Taivas is Helsinki.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

So Not Me

I changed the template of this blog. Flowers are so not me, so it was an easy pick. I long to be not me. 
I got my nails painted. Not like me. Usually my fingers are stained with paint, now the finger nails glitter in red, black and plum.

My hair color is turning into something quite interesting. My hairdresser has been having fun coloring my hair with blond stripes. Now my hair looks like a mane of a lion: red, brown, golden and a touch of sun. Very vivid.
So not me.

The inside of my head is yet so me.


On Wednesday I was in a concert. It was fabulous. Marianne Faithfull sang accompanied by the guitarist Doug Pettibone. After the concert I and many other fans had the opportunity to talk with Marianne and Doug. It was quite bizarre. Me talking with Marianne Faithfull! My lines were not that cool: Ms Faithfull, the concert was great, a dream come true, absolutely magnificent.

Well, what else could one say?

She is amazing.

So not me.