Tuesday, 31 July 2007

On The Road

Some music for the road...

Friday, 27 July 2007


July is turning to its end. The evenings become darker, but the warmth of the bright days still lingers in my limbs and the glory of summer caresses my mind.

Maybe it’s the dark and velvety August nights that are the best time in summer? I believe so and I’m welcoming August with anticipation, do come, and let me look at the stars that have been away for weeks while the night sky has remained pale blue. The Milky Way rushes through my veins, my blood is throbbing, and I’m ready to store the last drops of the smooth heat summer will give me.

You won’t find me here for some days –I’ll be in my private paradise. See you. In August.

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Feline Festivities

The feline festivities are ready to start. Bring your gifts for her who mews. Let her see your respect, let her know your love, but do not enter without permission. She doesn’t like intruders with malice in their hearts.

Once you have gained her attention, you can sigh with relief. You’re almost accepted.


The weekly theme at Moody Monday is feline.

Thanks Mick, for the link and inspiration.

Monday, 23 July 2007

So simple

The need to be touched.
The thrill of feeling accepted.

The urge to be hugged.
The joy of being loved.

The want to be noticed.
The happiness of being seen.

Nothing more.

I took these photos in Moominworld in Naantali.

Moomins are the creations of the Finnish author and artist Tove Jansson. Her books of Moomin have been translated into several languages.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Seeing through

Sometimes I can see through you.
The transparent surface of your mind
lets me enter into your world,
the air becomes light,
it’s easy to breathe.

Sometimes you look right through me.

Saturday, 14 July 2007


I’ve been on the road a lot this last week. Or, on the rails, because I’ve used trains to move from one place to another. The means of transport isn’t important, the main thing is to travel, to keep on going.
And maybe get some time there you’re headed to.

On Wednesday I visited a friend in Sipoo, countryside just outside Helsinki, no possibility to get there by train, bus is the thing. Friday sent me to Tampere, where I met two fellow bloggers. I also walked a lot and took pictures of places that were familiar to me many, many years ago.

Tomorrow I’ll take the train once again and head towards Jyväskylä for a day to photograph some interesting characters. Come Monday and I’ll be off to Turku for a few days.

It is said that summer makes Finnish people alive and I must agree with that. The long, dark and cold winter freezes our hearts and limbs and we need all our efforts merely to survive over the icy months. When the spring comes, we start to stretch our legs and arms, we lift our heads and gaze to the sky, and when the sun tells us the summer has come, we rip off our roots and fly through the air enthralled by the magic of feeling free. Feeling warm. Feeling alive.

I’m flying right now.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The little girl who wanted to walk with fire

the little girl wanted love
wanted wanted wanted
to be cuddled, to lay in the arms
to be somebody’s own

she looked for loving arms, found such
and for a moment, the loving laps gave her what she
wanted wanted wanted
warmth and love all through the night
until the morning
the light of the day scared love away
without farewells love vanished

the little girl sought sought sought
wanted love
of her own, love that would stay
something worth living for, worth being for
worth love

the light of the sun undressed the heat of the night
the little girl was known everywhere
no secrets
love is common

whore cunt slut


Translation from my poem in Finnish

Sunday, 8 July 2007

My Magical Forest

My magical forest is not far away. Take my hand and I will lead you to my secret place. Don’t be afraid. Trust me.

Look, there it is! So green, so tiny, so soft are the leaves. Touch, but be gentle. Feel the delicateness of the flowers. Smell the sweet odour that lingers in the air.

The butterflies sprinkle morning dew on our heads and we start to get smaller. Can you feel it? It’s nothing to be afraid of, trust me. It’s nice to be little, no fear of crushing ants and spiders under your feet in the grass.

I want to show you my magical forest, my own private world.

I trust you.


You can see more photos of my magical forest here.