Saturday, 14 July 2007


I’ve been on the road a lot this last week. Or, on the rails, because I’ve used trains to move from one place to another. The means of transport isn’t important, the main thing is to travel, to keep on going.
And maybe get some time there you’re headed to.

On Wednesday I visited a friend in Sipoo, countryside just outside Helsinki, no possibility to get there by train, bus is the thing. Friday sent me to Tampere, where I met two fellow bloggers. I also walked a lot and took pictures of places that were familiar to me many, many years ago.

Tomorrow I’ll take the train once again and head towards Jyväskylä for a day to photograph some interesting characters. Come Monday and I’ll be off to Turku for a few days.

It is said that summer makes Finnish people alive and I must agree with that. The long, dark and cold winter freezes our hearts and limbs and we need all our efforts merely to survive over the icy months. When the spring comes, we start to stretch our legs and arms, we lift our heads and gaze to the sky, and when the sun tells us the summer has come, we rip off our roots and fly through the air enthralled by the magic of feeling free. Feeling warm. Feeling alive.

I’m flying right now.


Mick said...

The image is, once again, hot and powerful, Susu. Then, when I read what you have to say about summer and flying and taking advantage of being free to move about, to travel, it all comes together again. A wonderful way to illustrate and say the way this season makes you feel. :)

SusuPetal said...

Thank you Mick, like a Phoenix-bird we'll be born again every summer:)

And now I must be flying, the train leaves soon, oh my god, it's 5.58 AM!

Kutuharju said...

Happy landings ;)

KennethSF said...

Perhaps there's a summer for mankind, a magical period of awakening that will shake us out of our stupor, then shove us towards our true North. A toast to the thawing of the frozen hearts everywhere, then! And a heartfelt prayer for the resurrection of the living dead!

SusuPetal said...

Thanks, Kutuharju, the landing went well!

Yes, Kenneth, summer is magic. In summer people, at least I, tend to turn outwards, when in the winter, the only way to turn to, is inside oneself.
And thus becoming a living dead, nearly!