Friday, 29 June 2007

The Importance of Sleeping

During the winter, I’ve gathered lots of books on my shelves. They are all unread and they have been waiting for the summer.
Now it is summer. I’ll take the books and pack them in my big bag and off I go for a few days.

Reading isn’t the only thing I’ll do. I’m going to take naps on the quay, sleep in the shades, float in the lake and tug myself into the blankets when the night becomes white and the divers start their cry on the lake.

And I’m going to chop wood. In between the sleeping.

See you after some days!


You can look at my summer paradise in my Swedish blog.


Mick said...

It is that time of year when we all need to get away and do relaxing things. I'll look for you when you return, Susu...oh, book reports due the 1st Tuesday following your return! :D

SusuPetal said...

See you, Mick.

hpy said...

Have a nice Finnish holiday, SusuPetal. And read well. In the shadow.

SusuPetal said...

Thanks, HPY, I will!