Saturday, 30 April 2011

Kiasma -beautiful in my eyes

I love to visit Kiasma, The Museum of Contempary Art in Helsinki. What exhibition there is going on doesn’t matter (now there is ARS 11).

I visit the building because of its maginificent architecture by Steven Holl

The outside og the building is nice to look at, but above all I love the inside of the museum. 

Light and shadows in exhibition halls and especially in corridors and stairs thrill me. 

The lines and angles of ceilings and walls are relaxing, beautiful and inspiring, just to look at or to take photos.

I took some photos visiting there yesterday with my friend

Hope you enjoy these photos. 

Click at the photos to see them in full size.

Sunday, 10 April 2011


Depression that has been my true friend for over two years, never deserting me, always by my side, has shown signs of fading away. That feels strange. It feels good.
I haven’t felt pleasure for ages. I’ve done things, but that doing hasn’t made happy, there’s been no joy in completing a short story, finishing a painiting.

Yesterday I felt joy. I was happy. No anxiety, no panic. No wanting to escape away from the crowd that surrounded me. No hyperventilation behind the corner.

I had a sales table in a bazar where I sold my handicraft and paintings. Did I sell much? It’s not the point, the main thing is that I survived the fours hours I sat and stood behind my table. I smiled to the customers, I talked with them. And all the time I felt happiness for my ability to be among so many people.
Pride. That’s what I felt.

What happens tomorrow? Shall I turn again into a hermit? Will my heart pound in anxiety, is it hard to breathe? I don’t care. I won’t think about it. There’s no sense in worrying, which is what I’ve leraned during these two and some years. What comes, it comes.

I’m happy now.