Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Nothing worth mentioning

Trouble with my back.

No inspiration.

That is life right now.


Almamaria said...

I´ve had trouble with my back too (years ago) and I can easily relate to that picture! I hope you´ll get well soon.

SusuPetal said...

I've had ten quite goor years with my back, before that don't want to even think about it...but I'll get well!

Elina said...

How stupid life and mean back :( Hope you get better soon. Picture is scary!

Liisa said...

Oh, no! I hope painkillers work.

hpy said...

Kylla se siita paremmaksi muuttuu. Pakko muuttua.And I know that you write even without inspiration. The words will come out without you knowing.

SusuPetal said...

Life is stupid sometimes, Elina.

Liisa, at least the painkillers make me sleep, woke up just now (in truth I haven't been sleeping a lot lately, short periods only).

Tänään on ehkä jo paremmin kuin eilen, HPY. And maybe it is the with inspiration like that.

Mick said...

The manual labor of loading and unloading trucks in my 20's and 30's left me with serious back issues so I surely understand what you have to deal with. The pain is always there and I can only hope to manage it better on most days than on others ... I hate taking pills and tend to suffer through flare-ups, but you have my sympathies and best wishes for a speedy return to as pain-free an existence as the problems allow. No need to respond with anything long winded - as you mentioned at my place - just nod your head! Shall I send some Irish Whiskey around? Or will that conflict with the meds? :)

SusuPetal said...

Back pains is something one understands when it seizes you.

I don't like pain killers, can't have my wine when eating them, but otherwise I can's sit, walk, stand or sleep.
But today it's better, and it's a thing I'm used to live with, and luckily the last time the back was this bad, was 10 years ago.

Thanks for your sympathy, Mick.

griesmail said...

Get well soon Susu, keep it warm
(nurse Trijnie) I realy am
Beautiful colourful image

KennethSF said...

Poor thing! If that bird exemplifies the pain in your back, you must be in agony. Is that a little Edward Munch I notice in the corner?

chrome3d said...

The pic looks funny but isn´t. Sounds bad. Get well soon!

SusuPetal said...

Nurse Trijnie, I took a couple of days leave from work and I'm resting. Hope to be better soon!

Kenneth, that could be a cry, a shout (don't know the English title for the Munch's painting I (and probably you) have in mind. In Finnish it is called "Huuto".

Well, chrome 3d, in every illness, there are also comical sides, like in the picture.
Having a back like this and not being able to pick up things from the floor if you drop something, is funny. Among other things.

But, the back is maybe a little better today, had an appointment with my chiropractic yesterday and that usually helps a lot.