Thursday, 10 January 2008

Anything goes

This photo is taken in Turku, the town I was born in. I’ve written a collection of poems about young people, mostly teenagers who drift around, looking for themselves and each other, seeking for love and affection, who have nothing but time, booze and music. Some dreams too, occasionally.
The poems are situated in the early and middle 70’s to my hometown

The poems are now inside a real book. Self-published.


I made an ad, also. Look down.

Anything goes for Thursday Challenge this week, so let it be the photo from Turku.

And now it’s time to celebrate, not because of that book, but because of the fact that SusuPetal in English is today one years old.


Mick said...

Happy Birthday SusuPetal!
Too bad I sold all of my old LP's ... else I could've sent you a present. An album by a German pop group from the 1960's, The Rattles!

Juliana RW said...

Nice pic!

My Thursday Challenge in here :D

SusuPetal said...

Thanks, Mick! WHAT???? Have you sold your LP's??? That's horrible! I still have mine, all 1000 and couldn't even dream to get rid of them!
Oh yeah!

Thanks, Juliana.

hpy said...

I think it's time to celebrate both your birthday (you're still very young) and your book. Congratulations!

SusuPetal said...

I liked that, HPY! Being young:)

Peter said...

Birthday...? When? Today?
In any case and for safety's sake: Happy Birthday!!
And congratulations!
I tried to order the "Taikkarin mäellä", but without success. Outsold?

SusuPetal said...

Peter, yes, today this blog is one year old.

You tried to order? Really? No, it is not outsold, it just needs to be ordered to the book store. It's sold via net also, mainly Finnish online-stores, but I found also one in Holland!

Kutuharju said...

Merry birthday to this terrific & great blog :) For once I wasn't late - like normally - with my congratulations. You seem much more developed and mature than just a one-year-old, congratulations for that too!

SusuPetal said...

Yes, don't I seem twice my age:))
Thanks, Kutuharju!

Peter said...

Incredible! ... but 19€ from the Netherlands, only 15€ from Finland! How much for the Swedish version?

reiska said...

Oh my Sod, fogging nice, one year of terrible misery & agony, YOU should congrat me that I´m still alive after this HORRIBLE year, you gal of a bitch!!!

reiska said...

You no dat i´ll buy the bulgarian trans, not b4!

SusuPetal said...

Peter, don't know...but the financial policy is interesting and euro makes it easy to follow!

Oh, Reiska, I must thank U for this year, you've been a true fan, as can be read in your comments. And now, hush and continue your winter sleep! And when you wake up in the spring, maybe there's the Bulgarian translation waiting for you by the mouth of your cave!

reiska said...

Fuck! there ain´t no winter in Inflationland anymore, ergo no foggin winter sleep, U stupid Leningradissimo Cowgirl. There are only (bi) Polar (Disorder Symptoms) Bears hear!

SusuPetal said...

And you speak for those bears, Reiska?
That's great, you are such a sweet person!

griesmail said...

Happy birthday, 1 year old Susublog! Turku is a beautiful big old city.
About 6 years ago I was traveling on my motorbike in the North of Finland. We wished to travel to Turku to take the boat to Sweden but there was no boat available anymore. So I was never in Turku.

Gratulations with your book!
Hope you have a party tonight

In what town did you sell in Holland?

SusuPetal said...

It's a pity you didn't have time to visit Turku, Trijnie. Maybe some other time?
I believe it was an online-shop, in the net -the link is there in my comment to Peter.

chrome3d said...

Gongratulatons on your book! Look´s nice. Turku, Turku...what a subject!

I still have my vinyls, all 170 of them. I have a new record player too.

SusuPetal said...

Turku is just the perfect subject, chrome3d...:D
Nowadays you can buy a record player again, for some years it was a little bit difficult and the buying of new needles was just impossible.
Better times now.

KennethSF said...

I like this cityscape. The gold-wash tone adds a sense of nostalgia.

SusuPetal said...

That was the intention, to be nostalgic, Kenneth.