Thursday, 1 March 2007

The Battle

The boy is sitting alone in his room. He looks at the computer screen, his eyes follow the movements of the hero whose task is to save the world. The boy’s hands move rapidly as he forces the hero to go further, to push harder and to fulfil the mission.

The eyes stare and there’s nothing else in this world for the boy. He forgets everything that’s outside his mind and body. Nothing else remains but the world in which the hero lives, the world the boy yearns to belong to.

The hero conquers the enemies, the planet is saved and the battle is over. There’s no need to fight, no need for adventures any more. No need for anything. Everything is over.

Even for the boy.


reiska said...

So y begän da play WOW, tats nice, gal, recommand y try next pacman.

SusuPetal said...

I don't have a man in a pack. It's inhuman. In the human.
You're nuts. Have a banana.

reiska said...

You´re ape, that´s why y like bananas and a pervert too. Y don´t know sixpacks? real sixpacks are sexpacks, six men in a pack. Are y a squirrel with yer fucking nuts? What´s this humus-thing...

SusuPetal said...

Humus? It's hummus, very delicious, you should taste it too. Better than a six-pack with men.
If I'm the Per Vert, you must be the Poet.

reiska said...

Abdin el Hummus, ta dah, i know him, actually he´s... but that´s another story... poet, eh heh, the best joke of the century, all those fucking drunkard no-good poets should be hanged immediatelly!! Full stop! I hate literature, xcept pornografik!

SusuPetal said...

Don't shoot the pianist, shoot the poet instead, eh?
Couldn't agree more!

Have a nice day and don't forget your medication, Reiska!

Mikko Moilanen said...

He forgets everything that’s outside his mind and body.

As far as I have seen, miss Susupetal, many people try at times to forget everything. They call it relaxing and claim that it is good to do. Often they are also proud of their methods to relax, be it reading books or whatever. What difference does computer games do as a method to relax and forget the real world?

SusuPetal said...

Dear Mr Moilanen, this is fiction, a story of some boy, not the absolute or the only truth.

Relaxing is important, and as for me, it's the same how you relax. I myself like games and find them relaxing.

In this story, however, the world outside the boy, stops to exist on the whole. That I find, not relaxing, but disturbing.
But as I said, this is a piece of fiction and in fiction everything is possible and allowed.