Monday, 26 November 2007

The Zoo once again

It was raining and the wind was quite fierce yesterday. Just the perfect day to take a stroll in the Zoo. I haven’t been in the Zoo of Helsinki for many years. I have this thing with zoos: I don’t know whether I like zoos because they can preserve animals that are in danger to vanish from world or do I despise the idea of captured animals walking monotonously around in circles.

I walked in the storm and tried to make an opinion about the matter. I saw very few animals –they had the understanding to stay indoors in such weather. I saw very few people, too.
I seemed to be the only with no sense.

Soaking and dripping I entered the house with snails, cockroaches, turtles, snakes, apes and all kind of screaming birds. The humidity in the rainforest section was less than the one outside, so I could dry myself and take a look at animals without water dripping to my eyes.

A toucan gazed at me, parrots yelled their heads off, and a couple of turtles were on the brink of having of fight. They approached each other slowly, so slowly that I didn’t see how the boldness of their slow head movements ended. Did they have a fight or did they just turn the other way around.

The speakers announced that the Zoo was closing. I pushed my way through the stormy weather and remembered that I still hadn’t the answer. At the same time, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything for several hours. I hurried home and decided to think about the answer some other time. First things come first.

Human way of thinking.


I made a very short film about the day in the Zoo, you can watch it here, if you like.


Elina said...

Peltilehmä? Lyhytkarvainen.

SusuPetal said...

Joo, uhanalainen laji, melkein ainoa laji, joka uhmasi eilen vettä...:))

Mick said...

I'm not sure which animal that is in the picture. Perhaps it's the last of its kind before extinction? :D

I loved your film at the zoo. My favorite part was the wet walkway and the reflection of the lights on your way out. Our weather has been just like that all day today. Although, we might do well to remember what the flowers at Pee Wee's Playhouse used to sing: "People say that we're insane, 'cause we love it when it rains!" :D

SusuPetal said...

It sure was an extraordinary animal in that cage, Mick!

Not only the walkaway was wet.... (I'm no flower:))

hpy said...

Petale on teralehti. You are a flower named Susu.

SusuPetal said...

Yes, petal is terälehti. Zuzu's petals, like in the movie It's a wonderful life.

A rose?

Anonymous said...

susu on kasvi:

SusuPetal said...

Aika vihannes olo onkin välillä, anonyymi.