Tuesday, 6 November 2007


Chrome3d inspired me to look at clouds, and I went after blue and white ones, with a hint of grey and a promise of rain.

You'll find the rest of the clouds here and if you want to look at a cloudy slide show, go this way.


Mick said...

This one's a beauty, Susu! :)

SusuPetal said...

Clouds are beautiful and they amaze me constantly, Mick.

chrome3d said...

Thanks for being a source of inspiration, although I can see you have been interested in the subject already. So few of us people have their eyes on the sky even though there is so much to see!

Elegia said...

This is very poetic, Susu.

"with a hint of grey
and a promise of rain."

And the picture is beautiful. The clouds are quite matalalla and dark :-)

griesmail said...

You know I am a cloud "lover", thanks for sharing the slide show; beautiful.
I have rain and greyness here aswell, take care Susu have a nice day.
hug Trijnie

Peter said...

I looked on them all! Diificult to make a choice of the "best one". I liked very much the "clean" slide show. May try to use it one day, as I always want to include too many photos in my blog... and this could be a solution.

SusuPetal said...

Yes, chrome, I've always looked at clouds, just had forgotten what they look like, the sky being nowadays mainly grey, and your post made me go through some old photos.

The clouds are matalalla, Elegia, and there came a pouring rain after a while.

Rain and greyness sounds familiar, Trijnie, same here.

Peter, slide shows are a good way to show many photos, I use it a lot, because I can't choose which photo to post.

Liisa said...

Clouds are a never ending source of inspiration for me. Have been all the time I have been taking photos. The aching neck is the limit, not the sky. :) I love these.

In one of my blogs there´s a category "Pilviin piirretty".

SusuPetal said...

I'll have to look at that category, Liisa!