Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Days are long. Nights even longer. I try to fill the painful hours with snooker on the TV. I paint a lot, slow movements of the brush, every drop of paint is a sign of pain.

Sciatica. Three weeks, each day getting worse. Last week I could walk a hundred meters, yesteraday ten. Weekly visits to the doctor with taxi, it’s impossible to use the bus.
Still strength in the muscles. Not yet time for operation. Maybe time heals.
I hope so.
The nerve ache stretches my leg funnily. I look at my leg, tell it to carry me to the toilet. It isn’t so co-operative.

Hasty minutes at the computer. A few words. A glimpse at other people’s blogs. Then the pain gets me going again. Limping around the rooms. Sitting after five steps. Trying to find a position to sleep for some moments.

Wondering should I call the ambulance now. Is the pain horrible enough? It is, but I don’t dial emergency. I want to stay home. I want to paint, to crochet, to forget the pain. In a hospital bed I’d have too much time to think.

Thinking makes pain worse.


jl said...

Sorry to ask... but have you tried alternative therapies? Osteopathy might be good in a less acute situation but acupuncture might help with the pain even at its worst.

I hope the pain will leave you soon!

hpy said...

Iskias on ikavaa. Toivottavasti paaset siita pian eroon.

Mick said...

I sympathize, Susu, and hate to hear of this trouble.

SusuPetal said...

jl, my back has been treated for years by a chiropractic, but now th inflammation is so bad that no manipulation can be done.
I've tried acupuncture for other troubles, and it helped.
I just have to get myself up to my feet to go some places to get treatment.

Iskias on ikävä petikaveri, HPY.

Mick, thanks for your sympathy. I hate this too.

Ellen said...

Dear Susu, there are alternatives. On the one hand, infiltration (treatment done by your doctor). On the other, elongate every day even if it´s painful at first. You´ll be ok.

SusuPetal said...

I'll be ok, thanks, Ellen.

chrome3d said...

Thinking about it makes it worse indeed. To focus on other things is better if it´s possible.

SusuPetal said...

chrome, I'm working like a maniac, doing all kind of stuff to forget the pain.

Trotter said...

Hi Susu! Don't talk about that or I'll remember mine and it will be even worse... Thinking makes it worse, sure!! ;)

So, let's forget and Ephesus Masterpieces are at Blogtrotter Two for you to enjoy; I’m sure you’ll be impressed!! Have a great week!!

SusuPetal said...

Gil, true. Let's not think about it!

Peter said...

"Working" with the PC or something else, you tend to forget, but your message reminded of all the hopefully temporary pains I have right now! I was hit by a motorbike the other day, fell down of course, got up, thought it would be OK, but the pain came later. But, yes this should be temporary! Really hope you can get rid of yours!

SusuPetal said...

Hit by a motor bike! That's awful, Peter! Hope you'll be well soon!