Friday, 16 April 2010

Emptying My Head

Besides painting, crocheting gives the opportunity to experience colors. Maybe it was my crave for colors that led me to look for my crochet-hook and buy color in cotton, wool and other materials. It was ages I last had done handiwork and my craft has always been quite a poor one.

I didn’t let those things bother me. I started to crochet a scarf, easy enough for me. I finished the scarf rapidly, started another one. And another one. Then I decided to make a shawl. Another one.

At this point I sent my friends soft parcels. Luckily I have a lot of friends.

I bought new colors, enhaled the power of light in wool. Mittens. And the hands of my friends stayed warm.

Crocheting is a way to escape. My head gets empty when I grab the crochet-hook. All the bad thoughts I have, disappear. All my anxiety, my angst, the blackness in me, vanishes. There are only my hands that move. I feel better. Not good, but better.

I crochet like a maniac. Maybe it helps me to lure away the depression.

Well, to save my friends from soft parcels every week, I offered my hats for sale. I’ve been inspired by the 20’s and flapper hats. A lot of feminity in my hats, a lot of nostalgia. A second hand-vintage shop wanted to have my hats. The shop is called Harakan Taivas, and it’s situated in the centre of Helsinki. Along with my hats, they put wreaths done by me also for sale.

I love making wreaths, too. No ordinary, but weird, and I wonder who’ll buy them. Maybe you? And a hat, too?


Mick said...

Hmmm ... perhaps a Hat Shop Franchise in the USA? You could call it "Hats R Us"!

SusuPetal said...

Hats R Us! Cool! Would you be the branch manager in the USA, Mick? It's a little bit difficult for me to do that, because there are no flights from here due to the ashen cloud from Iceland.

layers said...

I once gave knitting a try--I finished one scarf-- but had so many problems with it-- kept dropping stitches and getting holes-- that I decided such a simple task was not for me :-) but you are doing quite well.

SusuPetal said...

Maybe you should try some other time again, Layers?

Peter said...

If I were a woman... I guess I would be a buyer (next time in Helsinki)! :-)
These hats should be a great success! You really are an artist!

SusuPetal said...

Maybe I should start making hats for men also, Peter! A good reason for you to come to Helsinki :)