Thursday, 3 April 2008


All kind of pets,
soft and cuddly,
waiting to be
by you.
Be be
my bebe.


The weekly theme for
Thursday Challenge


Mick said...

This is very sunny and bright, Susu. Your weather must be improving. I think I met that redhead at the bar last night, by the way, can't remember her name though. :)

Peter said...

I see especially something in the background that I would have liked to have been my pet, some decades ago!

SusuPetal said...

The weather has been wonderful, Mick!!! So you guessed right:))
I hope you got her number anyway...

Yes, Brigitte Bardot oh-oh, Peter, I can believe:))

Elegia said...

Monenvärisiä hauvoja! Hoivaat siis pehmoja? ;)

SusuPetal said...

No, en todellakaan, Elegia!

GMG said...

Oh dear, BB as a pet? That could have been, but almost sixty years ago. Even Peter was too young then; not to speak for myself... ;)))

SusuPetal said...

You're both forever young and BB is also! Have a nice weekend, GMG!