Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Let me pour you some champagne.
The spring has come.
It's time to celebrate.
This is for you.


To see an animated
spring greeting,
look here.


I'll be gone for some days.
See you.


hpy said...

Meilla ei juhlita vappua :(.
Onneksi! :)
Shamppanjaa voi kuitenkin juoda jos haluaa.
Hyvaa lomaa!

Mick said...

Missing you already, the champagne is bittersweet this time.

Kutuharju said...

Rest & relax & have a nice break - you do deserve it :) Thx for the bubbly drink, it was the first one for me this Vappu!

KennethSF said...

Is Spring here? I'm in the fog belt in San Francisco, so it's hard to tell. Have fun! Pick some flowers! See you later.

SusuPetal said...

Back again, and I brought summer with me. It's warm!!!!