Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The Grey Land

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These photos were taken at Kyläsaari and Kalasatama in Helsinki. Waste land, old harbour -a deserted resort in the middle of Helsinki.
But not for long.

Last chance to take these photographs. Soon the area is going to be modern, urban and expensive, and the crows will have to fly to new pastures to find their food.


ara said...

What a pity. I like the scenery of the Kalasatama and the old rusty boats seen from the metro. Thats my favorite part of the metro rail.

griesmail said...

I agree its a pity, leave it as it is.

SusuPetal said...

But if thousands of people find their new home thanks to building, isn't that good too?
Life is not simple.

But true, Ara and Griesmail, it's a pity, too.

Mick said...

Another wonderful photo-set from you, Susu. It seems to me that there must be some public input as regards the redevelopment. Has anyone voiced concerns about keeping a reasonable, attractive public view from the rail line a part of the design? Just curious.

SusuPetal said...

People tend to make noise about keeping old things like they were here in Finland, Mick, so I'm sure someone has spoken for the view. But -in other eyes the land along the rail line is waste land, in no good use and that voice is stronger.

And I don't know which voice is right.

Liisa said...

It is the money that counts in this I think. What seems waste for some is an opportunity for others, doesn´t it?

SusuPetal said...

That's true, Liisa, and economics keep the world spinning around, at least somehow.