Thursday, 4 October 2007


The weekly theme for Thursday Challenge is Autumn

Have a nice weekend!


hpy said...

Have a nice sunny weekend!
Looking through my window I see a blue sky and sunshine filtering through the leaves of my trees.

SusuPetal said...

The same view here at the moment, HPY. I hope it'll last -off to Turku for the weekend.

Almamaria said...

I LOVE that photo! I have nothing against sunshine either but there´s something about these dark and mystical autumn days.

Have a safe journey to Turku!

Mick said...

I love the photo too. As almamaria says there's something to be said for the gloomy day. I especially enjoy seeing the figure with the umbrella - looking so small against the rest of nature in this shot. :)

Elegia said...

How can you post a pic of autumn, when you hate it!?!?!?! But I like this photo :-))

griesmail said...

gloomy, gloomy but also beautiful myterious

SusuPetal said...

Mystical, Almamaria, but only in a pic, in real it's wet and windy and dark:))

Yes, a human is so little against nature, Mick, you're right:))

Don't know, Elegia, autumn has ruined my mind...:))

Gloomy, that is true, Griesmail!