Saturday, 12 May 2007

Mother's Day

My mother had fair hair and when I was in my early teens, she used to dye her hair into a shade of pearly grey. The colour was in fashion then and I wrote a poem for my mother on a card I gave her on Mother’s Day. I tried to convince in the poem that although she already had grey hair, she didn’t look at all old.

To me grey hair meant old age, not a fashion suitable for mothers. Children in certain age tend to put some limitations for their parents.

My mother’s fair hair didn’t turn into natural grey. She died at the age of fifty.

I would have liked to write a poem of her true grey hair.


hpy said...

Do you have greyish hair already? In that case you can write a poem about yourself.
Mine doesn't seem greyish yet, but I know that the grey part is getting bigger every day.

SusuPetal said...

That IS a good idea, HPY, no problem with that:))

Isopeikko said...

At our younger days we experienced with different hair colors. The most impressive combination was grey color in bristle hair. Also girls liked it a lot.

SusuPetal said...

Yes, Isopeikko, I have also had my share of different hair colours. Not grey, though.
Bristle! Sounds cool!