Monday, 12 February 2007

I'm phoning you

if you won’t answer me
get me jesus on line

I love you so

walking the line in black
black is beautiful

and black

the line white as snow
snow white
so are you
dear and prudent

dearly saving your beauty

let me
like a beast
rip it off
tear you down

low and blue

in the night
I heard the blues
coming to get me
and my shadow

remembering your smile


reiska said...

You are calling VAT 69 automatic answering machine. Jesus has his brunch in nearby brothel now. Plz call later if You insist but... ah, he came back... just a moment... Ta dah! Jesus speakin, stop yer fuckin calls, this is no fuckin Red Cross, so fuck off you bitch of a son.. CLICK

SusuPetal said...

Vat?????? Vat do you say?

No mercy at all, byääääääh(crying in Finnish).

reiska said...

It´s Pope´s phone where Jesus answers you fuck.. idi..
Not in this & next world!

reiska said...

Didnt u know that Jesu is gay, oh boy. Must bee a surprize for u! Y know he´s been livin in Vatican ever since Colgate with these other chocolate machines, asshole fuckers & popes, cardinal sins etc.

reiska said...

Tell y da rest too. People askin why he not come bak and save the world. Oh boy, that´s simple, of curse cuz the place he´s been livin in sin all these 2 grant years. He´s a toy there and got so bad hemorroids that he just can´t come back. Think piiple lauhgin to that paviane ass.
That´s to truth, only the truth and nothin butt the fuckin truth. Ahmen!

SusuPetal said...

Amen to that...? Everything all right, eh? Some troubles, eh? Need a helping hand...?

reiska said...

No roubles, butt Jesu has, with that red ass of his. Y know we were schoolmates back in Jerusalami, and been changing email ever since that Pepsodent l. Colgate -episode - not so often - once in a century - i think. BUT don´t tell ANYBODY, this is a CONFIDENTIAL dentistr.. knowledge, whatever.

SusuPetal said...

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...nobody knows but...

No, I won't tell anybody, Reiska. Nobody would believe me.
It's unfuckingbeliavable as ny dear friend Ford Fairlane would say.

hpy said...

Sinulle haaste blogissani. Ellei ranskan kielen taitosi riita (uskon riittavan) se loytyy englanniksi peri haastajaa taaksepain.

SusuPetal said...

Täytyypä tulla katsomaan, HPY. ranskankielentaitoni on kyllä aika olematon, mutta onneksi löytyy englannninkilinen versio myös.

Mikko Moilanen said...

Vackert och hjärtligt! Var kan jag skriva mitt nummer ;)

SusuPetal said...

Hmm, Mikko, hit??? Men, jag lovar inte att ringa ändå...