Monday, 11 March 2013

It Is March

photo manipulations from the exhibition

It is March. But where is spring? It has been -15 degrees Celsius in the mornings (5 degrees in F), we’ve had almost every day a little snow. It feels like mid-winter. 

How I have been longing for light and sun! And finally, when the sun came, my head and eyes yelled: NO! TOO MUCH LIGHT! I’ve had migraine. Never, never before. It’s unfair. As you know, my head is all the time a mess enough and now this damn headache! 

The exhibition with Johanna is over. I didn’t sell much, so my home is overwhelmed with paintings and photos. I have my work under my bed, in the closets, under the sofa, on the walls, on the shelfs of my bookcases. In a way it is cozy. And looks like a mess.
Goes with my head.

I haven’t been doing any crocheting for a few weeks. Fingers of my left hand are numb, my hand seems to sleep all the time. Luckily I’m right-handed, so I can still paint. 

More paintings to hide somewhere….

paintings from the exhibition


hpy said...

People don't buy much art nowadays. That's at least wwhat a local painter told me. Maybe you should put yours for sale on the blog?

Eko said...

Olet siinä hienossa asemassa - teet valokuvausta ja maalausta.
Kaikki eivät sitä ymmärrä saati sitten että ostaisivat kuvia.
Kuvia ammatikseen tekevän on niitä myös saatava myydyksi.
Elämä on kallista...
Harrastelijallekkaan ei raha olisi pahitteeksi.
Pidetään peukkua hienijen töidesi puolesta.
Itse olen erittäin huono kauppaamaan mitään - valitettavasti....

Mick Mather said...

Bad sales? Just ask Vincent.

SusuPetal said...

People don't have money, HPY, I know that better than well, paintings are luxury products you can live without.
I believe sale on net goes as badly.

Eko, on mukava tehdä vähän kaikkea, rahaakin olisi välillä ihan hauskaa tienata, mutta näillä mennään.

Mick, but he's dead! He won't answer me ;)

Peter Olson said...

You didn't sell much, but you sold something! That's already good! Most exhibitions don't lead to any sales. Tomorrow I will meet a young painting lady. Let's see waht she tells me!

Hope the migraine is over by now!

SusuPetal said...

Peter, I'm so greedy :D

It wasn't migraine after all, it's bleeding in vitreous or something like that, they're going to check it next week.