Sunday, 18 January 2009

Six Random But English Things About Me

Kutuharju tagged me to tell about six characteristic things in me. Especially I was challenged to name six English attributes describing me. 

Well, I have to take this easy, otherwise it’s going to be way too difficult to define what typical English features are on the whole. 

  • I like tea, although I seldom put the kettle on nowadays. Instead I make my tea with microwave, yes, a shame, but times, they are a’ changing. 
  • I love football, i.e. real football, also known as soccer in some parts of the globe. But it’s football to me, no soccer. 
  • I prefer British accent to American and I speak likewise. American English sounds a bit funny in my ears, but not as funny as Australian English. 
  • I like chips. I can eat them without fish. 
  • I like beer. 
  • My sense of humour is odd and dry. 

So, in my world, all Englishmen like tea, are football-fans, pronounce words differently than in Hollywood-films, eat chips with beer and laugh at peculiar things. 

Maybe not. But here, in this post, they do.


I tag Hèlène , Itkupilli in English , chrome 3d, Elegia, Lepis and Liisa to write about six random things about themselves. In English, please, but not necessarily about English features. 




hpy said...

I'll do it, maybe tomorrow, if I find the time. (I stil have a lot of work waiting to be done, since I couldn't do anything with my computer for a fortnight.)

SusuPetal said...

I'm patient, Hèlène, there's plenty of time.

Isopeikko said...

Oh dear, you are very English, aren't you? Indeed.

lepis said...

What, you want me to invent six attributes!!!

May be tomorrow...

Almost passed this page. Wasn't sure that I was here, because of the football. Football... Soccer!!! Oh, dear! (yawning)

Kutuharju said...

Nice, very nice! Pity about the tea, you cannot really have a nice cup tea made in a microwave oven, can you? The water gets all cloudy, just isn't the same. (this is said with a nasal and snobbish British accent)!

Yep, I'm very impressed, you are more British than me (I can easily live without football, at least, and perhaps, tea).

Hpy, btw, I tagged you first, hah haa, now you'll have to mention some 12 things about yourself!? ;)

SusuPetal said...

Indeed, I am, Isopeikko, blimey!

Lepis, don't you yawn! You don't have to invent anything, just be true.

Kutuharju, I didn't remember you tagged HPY, but I'm sure she'll be more than delighted to write about her 12 attributes:)
I am more British than you ever guessed:)

Mick said...

I have no problem with your brand of football and I like that game too. Still, we Americans, when referring to football, will never mean what you mean when we say it. However, we will always know what you mean when you say it. Now, I really must get back to the National Football League Conference Championships! By the way, I like your football image a lot! :D

chrome3d said...

I have to think if I have 6 such things. I don´t follow soccer or drink tea so the obvious ones can´t be used.

SusuPetal said...

It's good that you know what we know also, Mick:) Oh, take me to the ball game!

Six any kind of attributes will do, chrome3d, I don't expect everybody to be as English as me:)

Liisa said...

Your challenge worked like a time machine as to me. :)

SusuPetal said...

Well, I'll come and take a look, Liisa!

Peter said...

Maybe some English origins?

The best Englsih accent I believe is the Finnish one! (Don't make jokes about the Swedish version!)

SusuPetal said...

Yes Peter, in Finland the Oxfordian English is well taught, at least for my generation.

No jokes about Swedes....well, I'm of that origin, so I can't bite my own hand!

lepis said...

Honesty! I tried.

GMG said...

Well, except for the chips, everything else is OK... ;))
Have a great week!

SusuPetal said...

I'll come and see later, now I'm in a hurry, Lepis!

No chips, Gil? Ok, have a nice week!

Elegia said...

Susu, I'll do that now!

1. I hate football.
2. I hate tea!
3. I prefer British accent too, but I don't mind if someone's speaking with American accent.
4. I hate chips!
5. I hate beer!
6. I don't have a sense of humor.


SusuPetal said...

Oh, I can't believe anyone can hate football, Elegia!

brocasarea said...

i love chips too;)....

SusuPetal said...

Bon appetit, brocasarea!

brocasarea said...