Wednesday, 16 July 2008

On the Move

Summer is to be on the move, and while I have been home, I’ve been rewriting some of my old short stories, that have been published in Finnish women’s magazines in the 90’s. My intention is to self publish a collection of these short stories. Why? Because it’s fun. Not to rewrite old stories, that can be a bore, but to publish.

In my Finnish main blog I’ve told about this project, and I asked the readers to come up with a name for the collection, and I’ve got plenty of good titles. I have also been making some cover designs for the collection and I shall set up a vote for the cover I shall use in my collection.

Blogging is interactive indeed.

Because of the rewriting, I haven’t had so much time to post in my blogs. Hey, I do have eight blogs….but, autumn is coming, and there will be those long, dark days and the time to post more again.

Tomorrow I’ll leave for Stockholm for a few days. Meanwhile, here is a photo story I made after staying in the countryside. I’ve published it in my Finnish photo blog and in my Swedish blog, so if it’s familiar to you, that is why.

See you.


Peter said...

If there is an English or Swedish version of your book, can you please reserve a copy?

Have a nice stay in Stockholm! (Maybe you are more going for the cruising than for the visit to Sockholm as such?)

Anonymous said...

Have fun at the other side of the ocean!

krystyna said...

You have many wonderful blogs,
maybe some day we can find a translator.
Have a great time in Stockholm!

krystyna said...

Beautiful video! Thank you for sharing!

SusuPetal said...

Peter, I'm not going by boat, I fly...horrible me, may I rot in hell, but it's cheaper, since I can't take a cruise to Sweden, becaues I'm going to stay there for some days.
Hahhah, there won't be an English or Swedish translation of my book, it't too difficult for me to translate, and nobody else is surely interested:)

Lepis, I will!

I have too many blogs, Krystyna, but I love all of them:) Thanks.

Kutis said...

Have a nice time in Stocka ;) Greetings to my relatives!
Good to hear about your project - well done! Amazing! Books written by Susupetal! 8 blogs and how many books...

SusuPetal said...

Thanks, Kutis.
Hullun hommaa somebody would say about my projects, but I don't :)

hpy said...

Go on! And have a nice trip to Tukholma. When will you be back?

Mick said...

I am always fascinated with the way you take photographs of simple things and, with your short films, turn them into treasures for the heart. Can you believe that I've fallen madly in love with your red checkered table cloth? :)

chrome3d said...

Have good times on the move
Enjoy the rain and shine
och vacker Stockholm också

SusuPetal said...

HPY, I'm back now:)

Thanks, Mick.

The sun was shining in Stockholm, chrome3d. No rain!